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Optimizes intensive

crop yield


Appropriate ventilation is key for healthy and productive crop farming.

Innovagrow is a system designed to improve productivity and efficiency in intensive crop farming.


The patented Innovagrow system facilitates homogenous air ventilation for all the plants stimulating healthy grow by improving the assimilation of nutrients and maintaining the crops in optimal conditions.





Constant and homogeneous

fresh airflow for all the crops.

Flowtrays©, exclusive planting trays designed to provide proper ventilation in intensive crop farming.


The planting trays connect to air ducts and CO2 injection systems providing fresh air to all plants. Thanks to its hollow interior, and the small ducts distributed throughout the surface, the air renewal is homogeneous and favors plant growth. 


Flowtrays© protects plants from hot air and keeps an ideal environment facilitating CO2 fertilization (AKA CO2 injection). These elements will improve quality and crop yield. 

Increases harvest yield

by up to 30%

Achieve up to 30% increase in crop yield thanks to homogeneous CO2 injection (CO2 Fertilization). Increasing carbon dioxide in cultivation environments helps the plants increase photosynthesis, nutrient consumption, and resistance to plagues. The crop yield is more abundant, more frequent and has a higher quality.     

Modular system: set up the trays according to your own needs

Flowtrays is a modular system that lets you attach the planting trays according to your space needs for each crop. 


The system connects to permit air and CO2 flow between planting trays. It also connects the drainages to facilitate planting in interior spaces; it lowers costs and optimizes resource yield.    

Ensemble trays in a variety of configuration to optimize space

usage for your plants.  

Favors CO2 exchange, and does not require installing external systems like ventilators.

Besides fresh air, the trays let you connect CO2 fertilizing injection systems. 

Ideal for intensive farming, its

flame-retardant material helps to prevent fires.

Cleaning Innovagrow is simple thanks to its materials and modular design.

The Irrigation water does not enter into the ventilation system thanks to the drainage channels and the positive air pressure.  




Flowpots covers all care needs for your plants. 

Flowpots© are exclusive planters that provide proper air ventilation to all your plants.


Flowpots© provide proper air ventilation thanks to its design and helps achieve optimal nutrient distribution for healthy growth of plants.

Using Flowpots is essential to satisfy all planting needs and achieve better harvest yield.

Flowpots & Flowtrays the ideal couple!​

Flowpots© planters are designed to dock to the planting trays and allow fresh air and CO2 circulation. Each planter has four bases supports that keep air ducts unblocked facilitating complete airflow.

Drainage orifices are placed in the sides of the planter and allow the elimination of excess irrigation water filtering it towards the channels in the planting trays.

Its exclusive design provides all the plants with ideal conditions for growth and flowering, it incorporates external support creating separation space between plants. This space between planters favors airflow towards plant leaves and improves temperature creating an ascending current air in the canopy and facilitates hot air extraction.   

Flowpots© also incorporates notches to facilitate the application of tying techniques for branches and stems when required.

Thanks to its design, the system provides space between planters improving airflow.

Warranties proper ventilation and improves conditions for plants in intensive farming.

It is ideal for intensive farming; its flame-retardant material helps to prevent fires.

Incorporates notches to facilitate the application of branch tying and orientation techniques.


Investment opportunity

Innovagrow bears current patents. The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing. This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking to reach new markets with innovative products.  


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